My Self

Hi..! This is Gayathri.S , born on 17th August 1991. Trichy is my native palce.I am an elder daughter of Mr.S.Selvaraj and  Mrs.S.Thamaraiselvi. I have one sister, she is studying BE. Computer Science in Trichy . She always used to fight with me but it doesn’t bothered me because  i like her .   I love my parents because they have done everything and still doing everything for us and they are my first friend and best friends. They even sacrifice their happiness and their needs to keep us happy for ever, I have responsibilities, and it is must for me  to fulfill their expectations, and I will do.
I  am born in middle class family but i didn’t bothered for  it beause as i said earlier  i am blessed to have such a wonderful and beloved parents. I like that life very much. Because i learnt how to face  problems and how to survive in the complicated and competitive world and I became strong enough to acquire my basic needs with the help of education which is beign granted with my parents support and my respected teachers.
I am a positive thinker  because I have trust and belief in this line“ All That We are Is The Result of What We have thought” says Buddha.
I used to handle each and every situation with smile. I don’t get angry as soon with anyone but i will get angered sometimes when i am disturbed lot or actions, situations, words, which is being wrong that i cannot  tolerate it. I forget easily anyone hurt me, and i remember everyone who have all helped me at need.
Drawing and Reading books is my most favourite hobby. Also I interested in listening songs.
I am pursuing my Final year  B.Tech., Bioinformatics in Bharathidasan University, Trichy. 
I choose this field Bioinformatics because of its emerging improvement in recent years. Since it is an interdisciplinary subject I could easily select any field for my job. Currently persuading  a project at IISc, Banglore which is essential for my B.Tech., degree.
My ambition is become an Architect, but my familie’s financial support is not good to get through my ambition so i pushed to a situation to leave my architect ambition.
 But now I developed my interest in my field because it also a challenging and very fastly emerging  field.
Now I am interested in Drug Discovery and wishing to have my carrier along this field.
I know some technical tools :Rasmol, Swiss PDB, Pymol, Modeller, Chemsketch, MEGA.

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